My name is Marianna and I am a lawyer by profession. I decided last year to gradually phase out my legal practice and focus on a new adventure which I am very passionate about! I personally supervised the extensive renovations of the apartment that is now my B&B, acting as the interior designer by selecting the furnishings and layouts of the rooms myself.

For example, I designed the tiles in the bathrooms, selected the fruit themed decor for the kitchen, personally selected the pictures in each room, and designed the sign for the B&B myself. After carefully selecting the images and colors for the designs, I sent them to be created at Santo Stefano di Camastra in Sicily, an area famous worldwide for its handmade artistic pottery and ceramics.

I designed the custom red with white trim built-in frame for the picture above the bed in the "Fire" room, which I recently added. As owner and operator of the B&B, I do my best to satisfy my guests by providing them excellent and attentive service. When I have “free time”, I like to prepare homemade desserts and sometimes I even "spoil" my customers with my specialties: tiramisu or an Italian apple torte. It is very gratifying for me to have my guests enjoy their stay and to read all the good reviews, as it triggers in me a feeling of joy that makes me forget about my hard work and sacrifices. I host the "world” at my house, and every person I have met and with whom I exchanged just a few words have given me a valuable opportunity for growth, exchange, and to broaden my cultural horizons! With all my heart, I extend a sincere THANK YOU!